Season three of Yellowstone will premier June 17, 2020. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are for another season of Yellowstone! This tv series embodies everything that is the western lifestyle. From the working cowboys, to what it takes to keep a ranch going, the family dynamic, and how politics play into it all. This show is definitely one that makes you think and sucks you in. Watch it once and you are hooked.

You can tell by reviews that people that don’t know much about the western life, are still obsessed with this show. As property owners that have had land in the family for multiple generations, this really strikes a chord with us. What one will do to protect what is theirs. Locally, it makes you think about the fight we had to keep our water rights and the developments being built in our rural communities. The farmers and ranchers that fight to keep their property from becoming some type of development.

Cowboys & Ranch Life

The cowboys, working in a store that is truly all things western, the cowboy is still a real thing. Alive and thriving. Still working and moving cows on horseback. What they show in Yellowstone, is happening every day on ranches. (I’m not talking about taking anyone to the “train station”, but the working part.) These men and women are some of the nicest, most hard-working people you will ever meet. They are also a ton of fun to be around.


The family dynamic of this show is fantastic. Everyone has issues, same goes for real life. Things happen to everybody at different times in their lives and you react differently to it. It also demonstrates how you don’t have to be blood to be family. Do they do things to each other, that make you think, really? Absolutely, but think about your own family. I know mine has done some questionable things, but to each their own.

Western Home

Who else wants to live on the Dutton’s ranch?!?! The house and barns. Yes please! I know it is actually on the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana. PS you can stay there when they are not filming! The history of the ranch is pretty cool, you should check it out also here. Another little bit of information, you can bring your horses, no pets allowed, and will be staying in one of the small cabins. I think I just planned a trip.

As for season three, watching the teasers, I am super pumped for it to start. I think we are all in for a bunch of surprises and getting some questions answered. Now to convince my friends to start having a watch party. Doesn’t that sound awesome!?!? And even better news there are already talks of a season four!

What has been your favorite part or what has resonated with you about the show?



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