Kick Off Your Boots and Stay a While

If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit and to get some great ideas on how to decorate your own home, the YO Ranch Hotel is the place. Located in Kerrville Texas, the YO Ranch Hotel also makes for a relaxing hill country getaway. The style here is very rocky but also western at the same time. The YO Ranch is known for it’s ranch land, premiere hunting, wildlife and tourism destination. Therefore, you definitely feel the western atmosphere here.

When looking to get a taste of the safari/western/ranch décor and lifestyle, this is the perfect visit. There are a lot of great ideas for your new home or ways to redecorate with a fun western style. For instance, they use Mexican tiles for flooring in their rooms and lobby. The couches and chairs here are leather, vintage western fabric, wood, and hide. Also, some rooms have some pretty cool vintage patterned wall paper to accent the western theme. The dining room is set up with that vintage wall paper, wooden chairs, and vintage western lamp shades and chandeliers. The lobby has beautiful white stone walls and high raised ceilings with exposed wooden braces that are stained to have a natural look. You also can’t miss the details of the bronze status, metal chandeliers, stuffed wildlife, and head mounts that tie it all together for that unique atmosphere.

Go and check it out!!!


By: Amy

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