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 Robbin Rice is a Bellville high school graduate. There she was a part of the varsity volleyball team, National Honor Society, and the Future Farmers of America. She plans to attend Weatherford College on a rodeo scholarship this fall. Robbin has grown up in the performance horse industry & western lifestyle showing reined cowhorses, cutting horses, and participating in breakaway roping. Robbin was announced as Whataburger’s Whatakid of the Year and this June won the 2020 Co-All-Around Cowgirl title at THSRA state finals. Beyond her passion for horses, Robbin’s faith and family are the most important things to her. She says, “I have been raised to put God first in everything I do and give Him the glory through every aspect of my life.”


WesternWomen.com sat down with Robbin to ask her a couple of questions.


How would you define your style? 

Robbin: My style is very unique with a western influence. I don’t fall into the day to day trends that you see a lot of girls fall into. I like to keep my fashion very classy, but still up-to-date. I can’t really describe my style as anything other than me. I try to just be myself and have fun with fashion, staying true to my western roots while setting myself apart from the crowd. 


What is the best advice you have ever gotten? 

Robbin: My mom always preached to my brothers and me, “You are who you hang with.” As I have grown up and realized the importance of a good reputation and the doors that can open by simply being a person of value, I have learned how crucial the people you’re with the most are. I’ve learned you are the sum of the 5 people you’re around most, so make sure those are 5 reputable people of value. I also try live by Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” To me this means that if you stay seeking God and put him first in all your endeavors you can’t be lead wrong. If you have a pure heart and obey His commands, no matter the outcome of the situation you can find peace in knowing that you’re taken care of because the author of your story has your best interest at heart, even if you don’t understand. 


What advice or words of encouragement would you give to other Western Women?

Robbin: The best piece of advice I could give someone else is simply don’t worry. God is using your situation and your life to either better you, teach you, or show you what you do or don’t want to be. I think if we go through hard times and come out with more knowledge and experience and wisdom about life then the experience in itself was worth it! God, family and good friends have your back and He is going to bless you with more than you could ever imagine. Beyond this, listen to advice of those people/family that have your best interests at heart and never be afraid to ask for help.


What do you count as your greatest achievement?

Robbin: I believe the greatest achievement anyone could ever achieve in their life is accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Besides that, I would consider my greatest achievement being the 2020 THSRA co-all around cowgirl.  


What’s your favorite meal?   

Robbin: This is the hardest question of all! I would have to either say the tenderloin medallions with jalapeño poppers at Lytle’s steakhouse in Abilene, or any Italian dish!


What do you never travel without? 

Robbin: I never travel without face cleanser and jewelry! Jewelry can dress up or down any outfit for any occasion, it is such a necessary accessory! I am religious about washing my face and if I feel dirty for too long I just can’t function!


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  1. So proud of you, and all.of your accomplishments. Continue your path as He wills. You will continue to be successful in anything you attempt. Stay true to your roots, and your Faith.

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