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Barbara Peirce has been in the western world all her life. Where she has always been around anything that has to do with horses and horse showing. She started riding at a young age when her grandfather would take her every Sunday afternoon to go ride horses. As she grew up, she owned two of her greatest horses which helped her reach her dreams. Barbara says “I was blessed with the opportunity to grow with two great show horses. They took me to all the places I only dreamed of being able to go. Many wins and friends were made along the way.” Now when it’s time for her to unwind she says she “heads out to her barn and takes care of her horses for the night, and sometimes enjoys a margarita”. Aside from spending a lot of her time around horses and horse showing, she spent time outside around gardening, and landscaping. Barbara has raised two daughters and now has a grandson who she counts as one of her greatest achievements.


WesternWomen.com sat down with Barbara to ask her a couple of questions.

How did you first get involved with the Western Lifestyle?

Barbara: From my grandfather, ever since I was 5 years old, he would always take me to go ride horses every Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Barbara: No matter how hard things may seem always give 100% and it’ll always work out.


What do you count as your greatest achievement?

Barbara: My family. I got to watch my two daughters grow up overcoming obstacles, trying to give them encouragements. Today they are both amazing, beautiful women with master’s degrees who are up in the business world.


What is your favorite part about the Western Lifestyle?

Barbara: Horse showing, and anything to do with horses no matter what discipline.


What advice or words of encouragement would you give to other Western Women?

Barbara: Things may not always be easy, if it was people wouldn’t work as hard as they do for it. So just never give up and keep working towards your dreams.


What is a moment you’ll remember forever?

Barbara: The day god gifted me with the most loving, caring, amazing grandson. He completes me.

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  1. Barbara has a wealth of knowledge about horses and their care. She is also a light to the world with her unfaltering faith. I miss her cheerful greeting when entering South Texas Tact. May God continue to bless her as she has blessed others.

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