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2017 was a banner year for Taci Bettis. The barrel racer from Round Top, Texas, debuted in pro rodeo competition last year, and after a long year campaigning aboard Bogie Is A Smash “Smash,” the 26-year old snagged not only the PRCA Rookie of the Year title, but also qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Her hard work and relentless competition schedule were rewarded in spectacular fashion. Not content to rest on her laurels, Taci and Smash qualified for RFD-TV’s The American rodeo and won—taking home a cool $100,000.

You won’t find Taci holed up binging on Netflix with her husband and high school sweetheart  Jeremy anytime soon. Constantly focused on her horses—Smash, his sister, 6-year-old Annie; and her 3-year-old Synder; Taci is in on the road hitting rodeos left and right.

With a current style that lets her be ready to swing into the saddle at any time, Taci dons Cinch Ada Jeans every day because of their fit, comfort and functionality. She’s a bit superstitious when it comes to competition. She’ll re-wear the same (washed) Cinch socks for every rodeo, and she repeats the same Cinch shirt she’s worn to success at big competitions.

WesternWomen.com sat down with Taci in between rodeos to ask her a couple of questions. We think you’ll like what she has to say.


What is your favorite place to eat on the road?

Taci: I wish there was Whataburger more places than just in Texas. I missed Whataburger when I was out on the road. But there’s actually a really good steakhouse in a couple of cities in Montana. It’s called Rib and Chop House. That was a really good steakhouse that I liked to stop at every time I saw one. I would eat steak with squash and grilled zucchini if that was the only thing I could eat the rest of my life. It’s really good.


Favorite vacation spot?

Taci: Right now, it might be Glacier National Park (Montana). That is a beautiful getaway.


What are you listening to/reading right now?

Taci: Podcasts, I like to listen to mental game things. Music, I just listen to country, hip-hop… it depends on the day, how far we’ve been driving and how tired I am for what I need to keep me awake. Reading – just finished reading “Shaken” by Tim Tebow. I like “Mind Gym”, those kinds of books. Mental strength is 98 percent of this whole thing.

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  1. I’m so proud of our hometown girl’s accomplishments! She is a beautiful person inside and out and all her hard work is paying off. ❤️

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