Western Heritage Classic

If you’re a rancher then you have heard of the Western Heritage Classic. Every year the first weekend in May, in Abilene, Texas. Ranchers and Cowboys from all around show up to participate or spectate in the Ranch Rodeo. Famous Ranches from across Texas and their hands participate in the Rodeo each night. After the rodeo the Classic puts on one hell of a party called the Rhinestone Round Top. The Rhinestone Round Top usually has fabulous food and country music. You will occasionally see a cowboy get western.

The weekend is full of many events. The Bit and Spur show being one of our all-time favorites. The western collectibles will take you back in time. Throughout the day be sure and watch the horse races, and enjoy the Chuckwagon Cookoff. And there are plenty of activities for the Children.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Western Heritage Classic has been cancelled this year. So, mark your calendars for next year 2021.


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