Welcome to Summer!

There is nothing better than a good dip in a pool on a hot summer day. Your space, budget, and amount of time you will spend in one, pretty much determines what your backyard pool looks like. This month we are going to talk about country pool ideas.

In ground pool with an attached hot tub or water feature. These of course are pricier and can get pretty extravagant rather quickly. We are going to pretend that we don’t have a budget and the sky is the limit. One side will have a waterfall with a slide for kids and the other will have our hot tub. Now that I am looking for pictures, it may have to have a waterfall too, because why not?

These pools are normally either concrete of fiberglass and are very nice.

Next up we’ll talk about your above ground pool that you can get at almost any box store. People have really started making these very nice by building decks around them and landscaping.

These are great for hanging out with the kids or your friends, getting a little sun, grilling, and chilling in the backyard. These can be as fancy or as minimal as you would like.

Now my favorite. The stock tank pool. I know when I was a kid, we swam in the water troughs all the time. Well now it is a thing and there is really no limit to what you can do. I have seen them with decks around them, flower gardens, tile in the bottom and the list goes on and on. They have even gotten creative with making them into hot tubs!


Please share your pool below! We would love to see your ideas!

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