Vintage Obsession

We love antiquing! Finding those one of kind of pieces whether it be for your home or a gift for a friend is just awesome. Those long-forgotten treasures, that some people think, we should just toss that… No don’t do it! Me personally, have my great grandmother’s entire bedroom set along with all of her glassware. When I was told that it was to be mine, I thought I hit the lottery! Now, none of what we carry in South Texas Tack is from my family collection, but we have found some pretty amazing pieces that might make you feel a little nostalgic.

Libbey Mid Century Revolver Glasses

When we found these, we were over the top excited! It is not common to have complete collections and we are pretty close to having it. We were able to get the whiskey, tall, highball, low ball, and the double old fashioned.


Argentinian Horse Rocks Glasses

These are super cool and actually came from Argentina! They are hand painted and in pristine condition. These were probably like the china you register for when you get married and never use… I’m saving it for a special occasion or they are just too pretty to use. Guess what… we are ok with that! They would make a great addition to your horsey collection.


Culver Mid Century Horsehead Shammed Highball Glasses

Now this set was a definite find. It is the four original glasses, each one featuring a different horsehead with 22k gold and get this, it comes with the original packaging. They were originally sold in Fifth Edition, Fine Gifts & Home Accesssories, Kenilworth Bazaar, Towson, MD. Now they are located in Brenham, Texas looking for a forever home.


These are just a few of the amazing glass sets that we have to offer. With more coming in all the time!



By: Leticia

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