Vacation Spots You Must Visit This Summer!

With summer being here we, all have one thing on our mind… summer vacation! The trick is, where do you want to go? If you are wanting a nice relaxing western lifestyle getaway, I have the perfect places you should run to right now. With the COVID pandemic hopefully coming to an end you might want to travel far from home, or maybe you can’t afford to go far but still want to get away. Either way I have the perfect vacation places no matter how far or close to home you want to go while staying in the U.S.


The first location might seem a little surprising to some people but you can’t forget about Northern California’s wine country when you’re thinking of locations out away from the city. Las Alcobas gives you a front row seat to Napas oldest winery Beringer Vineyards. Where you can spend your days tasting the regions wine, sitting at their saltwater pool or by the spa’s aromatherapy bar. And spend your nights on your terrace with fireplaces enjoying the beautiful views.


Next you can head to upstate New York and stay at the Hasbrouck House to take some time and catch up in your life and on your sleep. An 18th century Dutch Colonial Mansion sits on 150 acres of land with old stable and former carriage houses. This would be the perfect place to take a step back and slow down while you spend your days strolling the land, relaxing on the bluestone patio or enjoying their food and drink partnerships that highlight the Hudson Valley region.


If you love nature then this is the perfect place for you! Head to southern Virginia to stay at a 12,000 acre get away in Primland where you are given a choice to stay in a treehouse or two-story cabin. If you are going to try and enjoy some adult only time and you don’t mind heights then their treehouse in the oak trees is the perfect spot for you. You can spend your time taking in the beautiful view from your room, mountain biking, or you can even head to their dome to enjoy some stargazing.



By: Danielle

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