These Candles are the B’s Knees!

These Candles are the B’s Knees!
If you have never smelled the B’s Knees candles you need to get to South Texas Tack and test them out. The founder of B’s Knees, Brenda Buell, believes that the power of scent can change a mood, an attitude, or an experience. Think about, you remember smells of happy, sad, or angry times. Sometimes your mood can be changed by what you smell. Never thought about that before now, did you?
Once you smell the candles you can tell that she spent a lot of time perfecting the fragrances. Unlike many candle companies out there, B’s Knees uses natural essential oil-based fragrances. These candles are rich, but not overpowering and come in some of the classiest packagings you will find. They are great for your home or office and even as gifts.
Here at South Texas Tack, we carry our personal favorites.
In my opinion, Bamboo is the scent that everyone needs. The crisp green bamboo mixed with flowering citrus blossom and notes of hyacinth, lilac, and jasmine and hints of musky rose. This fragrance is cool and inviting and will set the mood for a relaxing time.
Now to pick the mood up a little bit. You could get Celebrate! It has a fresh and invigorating fragrance of vetiver, germanium, and juniper with hints of apple, orris, musk, amber, and rose.
The name says it all. This candle is very earthy, with its woody oakmoss, velvety vanilla mixed with sandalwood, lime, balsam, and fresh musk.
Once again one of my personal favorites, because I should be living on a beach. Eliza smells like fresh and clean air by the sea. Flowering mimosa with aquatic notes and hints of cucumber, aloe, sweet water mint, and white musk. Take me to my happy place!
Have you ever walked through a French Flower Market? Well, if not, this candle will make you think you are. The rich floral combination will have you strolling through one in no time.
Now I know you are either a lavender person or you’re not. There is no in-between. This particular lavender candle features of course lavender with rosewood and relaxing amber musk. The perfect blend to wind down after a long day.
You will LOVE the Love candle with its intoxicating blend of floral, amber, and citrus. The sweet, citrusy smell will have you smiling in no time.
Written by Leticia Gaskamp

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