The New Normal… Whatever That Means…

I think the new normal means, we are all just going to take everything day by day and do what is most comfortable for ourselves. All states are implementing best practices and making recommendations to best keep their economy going while keeping their citizens safe. Listening to people during the pandemic has been a past time of mine. I have my own opinion about things, just as everyone else does.

This past weekend we took a fishing trip to Matagorda. We were able to eat at one of favorite restaurants every night and have a few drinks. Sadly, they would not take reservations and seating was on a first come first serve basis. The restaurant was full of people, not as full as normal, but nonetheless full. Not a single person had a mask on and no one seemed to be to worried about it. There were a ton of to go orders being carried out and it was a perfect example of do what’s comfortable for you.

Certain events are being cancelled to keep huge amounts of people together. I am not sure what this means for a huge portion of the rodeo/equine industry. Cheyenne Frontier Days is canceled, this will be the first time this has happen in 124 years. Miss Rodeo America cancelled their pageant which is held in December and plans to have the next one in December 2021. Who knows what this year’s rodeos have in store?

Locally, our fairs and horse shows, are moving forward. Continuing the traditions, while implementing best practices and new sanitation procedures. Our restaurants are opening up as they are comfortable opening. I think they miss the human interaction as much as anyone. Concerts and other events are happening based on the entertainer’s comfort level. Some are in the let’s do it mode, while others are not there yet.

I also wanted to mention, this time has been really tough for our elderly. Unfortunately, some never really had visitors, but the one’s that did, are not understanding why their loved ones can’t come see them. Phone calls and facetime, just aren’t the same and don’t make sense to them. Another group that this has been tough on is, people suffering from depression and anxiety. All the added stress of a pandemic along with not being able to spend time with friends and family or go do something fun can put someone in a bad spot. With that being said, the number you or someone you know can call and talk to 24/7 if they need to is 1-800-273-TALK. I saw it going around on Facebook and thought I’d share it here.

We were hoping this month’s events blog would be about everything opening back up and things getting back to semi-normal. In some cases, it is, but we definitely have a long row to hoe. Remember, wash your hands, do what you are comfortable doing, and if you are sick, stay home.


By: Leticia

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