The Dream Barn

When you think about the perfect barn, what comes to your mind? Seriously, think about it. If money was not an issue (we all know it is, budgets are important), sky is the limit, what would be the must have in your barn? Here is what we were thinking.


Well depending on the number of horses you need to keep up in the barn will determine this, also how many stalls you want to have to clean. I thought I was going to be smart and look at on average how many horses the average horse owner has… Not an easy answer, so we are just going to say five quarter horses, with a six-stall barn, with 12’x12’ stalls. I am still on this fence about what kind of flooring I want in the stalls, each type has its advantages.

Tack Room

This is where the OCD really kicks in. Everything must have a home and most likely labeled! We’ll make this room 12’x12’ also, because everything has to be symmetrical. One wall will have a six-tier saddle rack with pad bars. Then right next to it will be the racks for bridles and halters/lead ropes.  One wall will have shelves and cubbies for sport boots, leather care, next months wormer, and first aid. Since money is not an option some giant vintage chandelier hanging in the middle.

Wash Rack

We’ll make this 12’x12’ too.  It will definitely have rubber mats and the over head wash rack, because it just makes washing easy. With lots of wire shelving to store everything on and make bath time easy. Can’t forget a hot water heater, for warm baths when it’s cool outside and for hot oil hair treatments.


When I was little there was this barn down the road that I thought was the coolest. It had the feed room upstairs with trap doors that would open up to drop the hay and feed down into the stall. I remember thinking that’s it, that is amazing, I need that. Then the person that got me started with horses said, “That’s cool, but you want to know what the problem is with that?” She went on to explain to me that feeding time is the perfect time to check on your horses and make sure they didn’t have any cuts, scrapes, that they weren’t lame, or did any of the numerous thing’s horses can do. It didn’t seem so cool after thinking about it. Now I like just a basic corner feeder with a spot for hay and grain.


I can’t decide if I want them attached to the stall, where you can open a door and let them out, or separate runs away from the barn. Both have their advantages, it’s all personal preference. I think in the end, I would go with away from the barn, so I could better possibly rotate which ones were being used.


What would be some must haves in your dream barn?

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