Thankful For: South Texas Tack Edition

With the Holiday season right around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the last-minute stressors like shopping for the perfect gift, planning your meal for gatherings, or how you plan to even get together with Covid still being an issue. It can be difficult to stop and think of everything there is to be grateful for not only around the holidays but every day. I asked a few of South Texas Tack’s employees what they are most thankful for and this is what I learned.
I am thankful for my healthy family! I am thankful for the wonderful fall weather, where I can enjoy spending time outside with my husband, daughter, and animals!
I am thankful for my new husband/family that I joined last month. They are the most caring and kind people around and I am so happy to officially be a part of the family now!
I am thankful for my dog, Cali. She can make any day better by just seeing her big head running to me when I get home! There’s nothing better than unconditional love & snuggles from her!
I am thankful to have a job that I love. It has been an amazing short time here and I appreciate everyone I work with. There are so many hard workers and positive attitudes I am surrounded by every day.
Written by: Sarah Boecker

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