Teepee Motel and RV Parks

We are doing things a little differently these days. With the Covid-19 going on we cannot really go anywhere, but hopefully by the summer months we will be able to go back to our normal routines. If you are looking for an adventure and something inexpensive, take a drive out to Wharton, TX and see the cool Teepee Motel and RV Park. The teepees were originally built in the 1940’s, the owners had to shut down for a while, but were able to remodel and reopen in 2006. This place is so neat, and if you do not want to experience the Teepee atmosphere they allow RV’s and tents. This would also be a great place to have a gathering…maybe a bachelorette party, family gathering, or just a group of your best friends to gather for a weekend. The Teepee’s would be a fun experience and something different then your usual hotel room, little smaller than usual, but you could spend more time outside and come inside to rest or cool off. Hopefully when all this pandemic passes you can take an adventurous ride and check out the Teepee motel and RV Park in Wharton, TX.


By: Amy

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