Team Favs – Blankets/Slinkies

We know firsthand how important it is that you keep your horse protected during the Fall/Winter months. So, we asked some of the women here which blankets/slinkies available at South Texas Tack are their favorite.


My choice when it comes to a Sinky is the Beautiful Tails Full Body Horse Slinky II Elite. I have had trouble in the past with horses not linking when something is pulled over their head and this Slinky is made so that it zips open and I don’t have that issue. It protects the hair of my horse from head to tail and is extremely durable. – Amberly


My favorite blanket for my horse is the Tough-1 600D Waterproof Turnout. My horse is the kind that you could turn him out in a bubble-wrapped pen and he would still find some way to tear up a blanket. This is one of the first ones I found that is actually made from material that is strong enough to last but also offers protection from the elements. It is super easy to adjust straps so that nothing is ever too loose on him.– Shirley


I love the entire Sleazy Sleepwear Slinky line! We use them to not only keep our horses clean before a show but also underneath their heavier blankets when it gets colder because it works as a great ‘liner’. – Lexie

My number one choice is the STT All-Around Waterproof Horse Blanket. I know that it is durable enough to turn them out in while still feeling like a warm comforting blanket. Often you get blankets that because they are waterproof, feel stiff or like they have no warmth to them but that is not the case with the STT All-Around Waterproof Horse Blanket.  – Carrie

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