Tack Room Must Have’s

6 tier saddle rack with pad bars and bridle hooks. I can put absolutely everything on it and keep it organized in one place.         -Leticia


Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boots Hind XL



Iconoclast boots– you always want protection for your horse. You always want to be prepared.


STT Ranch Cutter Hermann Oak Heavy Oil Saddle





That one STT saddle that fits most of your horses and fits you just perfectly, you don’t mind being in it all day!







STT roping bridle set w/dogbane roller is a must have. My favorite feature is that the reins are made out of weather resistant Hermann Oak leather and the PC bit has decorative silver and turquoise designs.




This 1 inch felt saddle pad is my favorite item to have in my tack room because it provides my horse more comfort while riding during all times of the year. With the moisture wicking felt helps my horse keep cool during the summer and protecting him from impact while riding. The leather contoured back provides his withers relief while helping protect his pressure points and giving a better range of mobility




My tack room favorite would be the hanging groom case from Classic Equine because it helps keep everything I need easily organized and accessible. I also like how it can be moved and hung anywhere!



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