Summer Hat Trends

Alright ladies… It is warming up out there fast! The sun, is bright! We have to make sure we protect our skin and our eyes. I know most of you use a daily moisturizer that contains at least a little bit of SPF, but it never hurts to put on an extra layer of actual sunscreen. Your skin health is sooooo important! It is the first thing people see when they look at you.

Ok so you put on your sunscreen and picked out the perfect outfit for the day. You know what you need now? A killer hat! Straw season is in full swing, and a girl can never have too many hats or shoes. Not only are hats great accessory pieces they are also super functional in the summer. Whether you are headed out to work cows, go shopping, or to the beach, you are going to need a hat this summer. Below are some of our favorites for whatever you may be doing…

Working Cows or at a Show:

The fun thing about cowboy hats, is you can pick out an open crown and get it shaped just how you’d like it. There are several different shapes to choose from or if you see one you like, just ask, if they can’t make that particular shape work, they might have a suggestion for a different one, that you may like better! The American Hat Company Big Vent, Twister Sissal, and Aztec Open Crown are three options that could be a lot of fun.

A good cowboy hat can also come in precreased that you can pretty much grab and wear home straight off the shelf. The Charlie 1 Horse Bonus straw hat or the Resistol Four Corners are two great options.

Shopping or Heading to the Beach:

We love big hats! Pair your favorite hat with your favorite shades and call it a day! The Atwood Nevada Thunderbird is perfect for a day in the vineyard and wine tasting, p.s. we speak from experience on this one.  The Charlie 1 Horse Mariposa is your go to river and beach hat. This hat lets you walk around and provide your own shade.  The Charlie 1 Horse Mexico Shore 3 3/4” brim hat is your day to night hat. This little hat can be worn during the day and can be paired with your favorite wedges for a night out. This year Atwood also came out with their Buckaroo Palm Hat,  it comes with either a black or brown ribbon. This hat is one of our favorites because it just screams, I have a bada** hat on when you look at it. The hat was designed to angle down to the front and we absolutely love it!

Not into hats? No worries ladies! We have you covered! Ball caps are always an excellent go to! We have new styles coming in daily. There are entirely too many hats and caps in South Texas Tack to show or list them all. Just know that if you need some shade or if you are having a bad hair day. South Texas Tack has you covered!


By: Leticia Gaskamp

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