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It wasn’t until we had an intern working at South Texas Tack, from Kansas, that it occurred to us. What do people in other states do for fun in summer months? Here in Texas, our summers consists of some kind of water. Whether it be at the beach, fishing in a lake, river, or Gulf of Mexico, floating down a river, or hanging by the pool. So, we decided to tell you about one of our favorite summer time pass times and the different options, in case you decide to make a trip to Texas.


These rivers are listed in no particular order… just know that which ever you choose, you will have a good time. The communities and venues around these rivers make it easy to find a place to stay, good places to eat, and just all-around great places to relax and be with those you care the most about. No matter which river you choose, make sure you check the current flow rate and any rules they may have in place before packing your cooler. Some do not permit glass (which is always a no-no for us), styrofoam, jello shot cups, and have occasionally even a cooler size limit. If you would like some alternatives for glass bottles or jello shot cups leave a comment below, we’re sure someone has figured it out. 😉

Comal River

The Comal River is also located in New Braunfels and actually runs alongside Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This river is only two and half a miles long, which makes it great for a day trip, or you can get out catch the shuttle back and do it again! Depending on the flow and how many new friends you meet, you can do that two to three times.

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is 230 miles long and runs from Central Texas all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The most popular locations to float are in the Texas Hill Country; Canyon Lake, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and San Antonio just to name a few. You will most likely find us with a cold beverage in hand floating in New Braunfels and Gruene, making a weekend of it. There is simply too much to do in the area not to! Important note about the Guadalupe River is to check the flow rate, 750 cfs or above don’t even try and if it is a dry year, you may consider the Comal, otherwise you will be doing quite a bit of walking.

San Marcos River

The San Marcos River is located in San Marcos, Texas and is also a great river to float down. You will float approximately one mile alongside many Texas State Bobcats. These folks definitely know how to have a good time. Once you are done for the day, make sure you visit San Marcos, there is great shopping and lots of restaurants and nightlife to keep you entertained. If not, I am sure there is a game of cornhole being played somewhere you could join in on.

Frio River

Welcome to West Texas! The Frio River is 200 miles long and is more secluded so you won’t have as many people floating alongside you. Just kidding, it’s no longer a secret. One of the best places to gain access is at Garner State Park and guess what? They have paddle boarding too!!!


Side note, pack plenty of sunscreen or tanning oil, a couple of bottles of water, and some snacks. Snacks also help you make new friends; most people don’t think about how long you end up being on the river and you need to eat and stay hydrated when day drinking.

We also know there are many more rivers out there to play in. Tell us about your favorites below.

By: Leticia Gaskamp

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