Spring is coming in spicy with the #1 color of the season named Fiesta!

Pantone describes its spring/summer color selection, Fiesta, as “a festive orange red; Fiesta radiates energy, passion and excitement.”

How can you transition such riveting energy indoors? Easy! Splash the color in every room—tastefully and without commitment.

For dinner parties, create a simple floral centerpiece with flaming red tulips—perfect for this time of year!  Feel free to trim the tulip stems shorter than necessary; tulips continue to grow after cutting.

If you are a Weekend Warrior, try tackling a fresh coat of Fiesta on you front door to brighten up the neighborhood.



Stripes never go out of style; incorporate the color-of-the-moment in a timeless design with a practical piece—a throw pillow. Once a new trend strikes your fancy, Fido can cuddle up with your Fiesta pillow.



Serve the “it” color of the season in just seconds:

Combine one quart of cranberry juice cocktail, one six-ounce can of frozen lemonade, and two cups of vodka. Slowly add six cups of 7-Up soda. Add ice, and it’s a fiesta in a glass.

Whether it is in your floral arrangements, on you front door, or sharing with friends—we want you to Fiesta like there’s no mañana!


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By: Haley

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