Spring Fashion

We have so much fun stuff coming in at the store to get you ready for spring and summer. Keep checking back as we get more and more outfits added to the website and on social. With more states lifting restrictions and opening up, more and more horse shows are taking place. So, this month we are featuring two different long sleeve options (we have way more in stock, be sure and check out, to see our online selection and make sure you check in store for more). We also have some very exciting news that we will be sharing with you very soon about another long sleeve option. Stay posted! It’s very exciting.

Hats, it used to be straw and felts went along with the same rules for white and pants and shoes. Straws were Easter to Labor Day and felts were Labor Day to Easter.  Now days though it doesn’t seem to matter. So, we have both featured in this month’s blog. You know how much we absolutely love hats at South Texas Tack; therefore, we say do what makes you happy and we will have a little something for everyone.

Lucky Cowgirl

  Ride Sally Ride

Gone Country


Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite Navajo pearls and turquoise. You know cheetah/leopard is the new black and turquoise goes with everything! Sunglasses are also super important. Ladies protect your eyes!


By: Leticia

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