Spring Cleaning… That Includes Updating Your Saddle Pad

We asked our STT Team Members what their favorite saddle pads were and this is what they had to say!


I like the WonPad.  It’s very practical for everyday work, is inexpensive, and easy to clean. – Stacey



The Mayatex Branding Iron is my favorite. It is made from quality hand woven New Zealand Wool and is very pretty too! – Kenna 




Shockguard pad by Classic Equine. Highest level of protection you can provide for your pony. – Amy





Classic Sensorflex pad. The perfect combination of technology and style. – Brianna




Tod Slone Medium Contoured Saddle Pad it’s your basic felt pad. – Carrie





SMX Air Ride Pad, is the best fitting most functional pad with great style. – Raevyn


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