Spring Cleaning: Quarantine Edition

Spending much more time at home, due to the current circumstances? With many schools, businesses, and other places being shut down this is the case for many people. We find this time is nothing other than the perfect time to tackle that Spring Cleaning list!

But why strive to complete it all in one day? To make many days go by faster, how about breaking that list up over a couple days or more. We’ve seen a lot of people doing a specified task a day and creating a whole calendar from it. And not only will this make the days go by faster, but it will also not burn you out in one or two days, because that’s A LOT of cleaning for a couple of days.

Below we’ll give you an example of how this looks and you can create your own from there!

  • Monday: Bathroom day
  • Tuesday: Kitchen day
  • Wednesday: Dusting day
  • Thursday:Vacuuming day
  • Friday: Mopping day
  • Saturday: Laundry day
  • Sunday: Organize day


Or you can even tackle room by room if that’s a more the route you want to go. This is also a GREAT time to declutter and get rid of the stuff you just don’t need or want anymore! So take advantage and clean up and clean out during this quarantine!


By: Brianna

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