South Texas Tack is Where the Home is…

We are getting so close and cannot contain our excitement! The weather this year has not cooperated when it comes to a store addition of this magnitude. That being said, we are not complaining about the rain. It has also given us more time to find great lines to add to our new space. (Insert eyebrow wiggle and cheeky grin).

Imagine, you and your friends are out shopping, or you are simply on your way to a horse show, but need some fly spray. You walk into THE store (aka South Texas Tack) and see a beautifully made bed, with wait for it… designer pillows. You look closer. They are beautiful, and although the colors are the same the designs are slightly varied. Wait a minute, are those hand embroidered. Umm, yes they are. Oh, those are going to be so expensive… timeout what does that tag say? Yes please, I need two for my horse trailer and two for my house.

We love our customers and appreciate you spending your hard-earned money with us. Which is why when we are looking at new lines, whether it be our improved home décor section, our apparel and footwear, or our saddles and tack, quality and value are at the top of our priority list. We want to make sure you get the most for your dollar.

We love hearing from our Western Women, everyone has their own outlook on what “western” is when referring to home décor. In our opinion it is not just one thing. What is your opinion on what western is? What are some things that you have to have in your Western Home? What is your favorite western item in your home? PLEASE, let us know!


By: Leticia

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