Growing in More Places Than One!

Round Top, Texas

South Texas Tack will have it’s very own Round Top, which we can proudly call our second home and destination for our customers. Located right on the square, you will not be able to miss STT Round Top. Our second home is scheduled to open in September of 2019 and we could not be more excited! Stop in and shop for a new outfit complete with fantastic accessories. Enjoy a cocktail at the “Hat Bar” while you get your hat shaped or grab a seat outside in our newly landscaped courtyard and let the days stress melt away!

Brenham, Texas

If you have driven by or stopped in at South Texas Tack over the past couple of months you have noticed that there are some big changes coming to our humble abode. There will be a whopping additional 15,000 + square feet!  We have always considered ourselves as a destination, a place where your family, friends, and yourself, can come and spend hours looking at the new items we have brought in or just popping in to get the things you need. We absolutely love this about our customers and strive to provide the best customer service whether you want to hang out or be in and out.

For those of you that prefer to spend time in the store, brace yourself, you are in for a surprise! You will never want to leave now! In our new expansion you will find a bar/lounge area. Yes, you read that correctly, bar/lounge area! Now when you need to take a break from shopping you can sit and sip on wine or beer and have a snack, until you catch your second wind. There will also be a courtyard area outside where you can sit and enjoy the countryside and sunshine, along with bluebonnets during bluebonnet season.

Adding that much floor space to the store means several things. One thing is we needed more displays! Now if you have ever been in South Texas Tack, you know we try very hard to be like no other store you have stepped foot in. We want each one of our customers to have their own unique experience here and love the look on customer’s faces when they say wow and their eyes light up. You think we don’t notice… but we do! We actually take quite a bit of pride in putting that look on your face.

Antiques Week

There is no better place to find one of a kind finds than antiques week(s) in Round Top and Warrenton, Texas. About 20 miles of highway is filled with thousands of antique, collector, home décor, and yard décor dealers set up on the side of the road to sell what they have created or found. There are generally three shows a year, Winter Show, Spring Show, and Fall Show. Visit to stay up to date on all thing’s antique week. Check the schedule frequently because the venues have different hours and opening dates, it will also keep you up to date on the different parties and events that are happening. Seriously, grab your friends, sisters, mom, and even that special man in your life and plan a trip to spend a couple days to a week. Luckily, we are in Brenham, so it is only a 20-minute drive for us. We spent two to three days a week for the past four weeks driving to Round Top and Warrenton to find the unique pieces that will make South Texas Tack as special as we think it is.

We don’t want to give away all of the fun stuff that we found to add to the store, so you will just have to stop by and see it in person. But we will say this much… Our home décor section will be expanding, which will include dinnerware, linens, more furniture, and even some holiday collections. Stay tuned for our expansion opening party. Of course, we have our favorite places to shop and look for our special items.

What are your favorite places to shop or just visit while at antiques week?

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