South Texas Tack Expansion Opening

We are soooo close! Construction is coming along quite nicely and we hope you are as excited about the addition as we are! Once we get a for sure opening date, you beautiful Western Women, will be the first to know. We cannot wait to see everyone’s faces when you see the changes that are happening. Below we are going to give you a little teaser… We will start from the outside and work our way in.


Just to the west of the addition, will be our beautifully landscaped courtyard area. Complete with seating areas, fun activities for kids, and Juan Pablo. You will have to wait and see Juan Pablo in all his glory. 😊


In a cozy little corner, you will now be able to drink a beer, soda, or sip on wine either at the bar or in the lounge area, while having a snack. As with everything that we do here at Western Women and South Texas Tack, it will be a unique experience that will hopefully leave a big smile on your face and have you coming back for more.

Hat Bar

The hat bar as you know it, is getting a facelift! It will be bigger and better, with even more places to chillax while you get your hat shaped. With multiple hat shapers… maybe, we’ll never tell!

Dressing Rooms

I know what you are thinking, what would possibly be great about dressing rooms? Well how about more of them! With more seating areas so your significant other can have a seat with a drink while you try on clothes.

Home Décor Section

Now you will almost not need to shop anywhere else. We will be carrying dinnerware, kitchenware, bedding, bath, and other home accents. We are very excited about this new addition to our inventory offering. If you have any brands that you like, please list them below. We are always open to suggestions!

Let’s Rope

I am sure you have heard of Let’s Rope and if you haven’t, check it out here. Let’s Rope is another one of South Texas Tack’s companies that was created specifically for the roping community and has some pretty amazing things to offer ropers. So, with that being said, there will be a H-U-G-E Let’s Rope section! Complete with neon sign and area designated   for taking a rope for a swing before you buy it. That’s a big commitment, committing to that one rope, we want to make sure you get the one you want and it feels just right. This summer we will also hold our first Let’s Rope Dummy Roping Summer Series, they will be June 8, July 13, and August 10, 2019. Make sure you stop by to watch and cheer on your favorite kid or if you have a little roper make sure and sign them up! Buckles will be awarded to the winners.


We will have new counters and checkout locations, to make checking out easier and more convenient.

EXPANSION, there are two or three more surprises, but you have to visit us to find out. 😉


By: Leticia Gaskamp

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