Sleeping in a Bubble

For all of those who love to travel and see/do new things, Bubble Hotels should be on your bucket list.  They are the best way to really soak in your surroundings and sleep under the stars! With 360-degree views of the landscape, you will be able to fully enjoy all the scenery. This style of lodging is popular for mostly couples but a trip with family or friends in a Bubble is also a great time.

Bubble Hotels are mostly popular in other countries but we have a few options in the U.S. Alaska is one of the most popular destinations. When visiting there, the traveler can really experience the Northern Lights all night and reindeer viewings from the comfort of your room during the day.

Here in Texas, we also have our own Bubble Hotel escape close to Big Bend Park! Located in Terlingua, close to the Mexican border, the views are incredible and breathtaking. Terlingua is known to have the darkest skies at night so the stars are incredibly vivid. The Bubbles are decorated with bright colors and equipped with A/C for those hot desert days. The bathroom is a separate bubble that can be zipped for privacy reasons, they also include an outdoor kitchen and lounge with amazing views of sunrise & sunset. Some will come with a hot tub so you can relax after a day of hiking.

Just a few things to know before you go: have an all-terrane vehicle, the roads can be a little rough for some cars. Definitely have your maps ready before you enter the Terlingua area, the service isn’t known to be the best, I mean you are in a desert. Have your supplies ready, there’s not many stores around that you can get last minute necessities.  Sunscreen will be your best friend, especially during those Texas summer months. Absolutely pack a first aide & snake bite kit because emergency services are not that close to you.

With the world opening back up, definitely make it a point to visit Texas’ own Bubble Hotels! It’s a great escape to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, and to have an excuse to not have to have your phone on your person. You will not regret it!


By: Sarah

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