Signature Candle Collection

The Tack Room

This candle started it all. We wanted a candle that smelled like South Texas Tack. That screamed what we are about and what we do. That is leather. From the saddles and tack to the chaps and boots, when you walk into the front door you smell leather. It’s one of our favorite things to see, when a customer walks into the door, the majority of them pause and say, “Mmmm I love that smell!”


The Rancher

The inspiration behind this candle came from men’s cologne. When you smell this candle, we want you to think about a good looking, great smelling cowboy! From the feedback we have received, this is the picture that is painted. The good news is, men love this candle too. Not because they are picturing a good-looking cowboy, but because of its clean masculine scent. Great for your home or office these candles also make great gifts.


Take the Ride

Both The Tack Room and The Rancher are pretty masculine scents. To round out any candle selection you need the floral option. So, we picked gardenia. This candle packs a punch, it will have small and large areas smelling like you just rode into a blooming gardenia garden.


Barefoot and Blue Jeans 

Our fruity option is perfect, it will have you imagining you are bare foot in blue jeans relaxing in your favorite spot. With a wonderful blend of berries, peaches, apples, and tangerines, you will not be able to not smile and just feel happy. Even the color of this candle inspires happiness, relaxation, and fun.


Ranch Nights

Lavender is also a must have! This is our take on a lavender candle. Light this pretty purple candle up and watch your stress melt away. Just so you know… the benefits to burning lavender candles are: Reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate headaches, and can help with mild insomnia. There are multiple other things that it helps with, but those are a couple.


Western Christmas

Our holiday candle will be back in stock very soon! This candle will have you in the Christmas spirit in no time! I know you are thinking, it is September, stop with the Christmas talk already! Sorry guys it is coming and we want you to be prepared. This is not just an ordinary Christmas candle; it features cinnamon and clove along with other Christmas spice blends. Who doesn’t love a spicy Christmas candle?


We have masculine, floral, fruit, and spicy. What other scents would you like to see added to our signature candle line?

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