Sew it Goes

We love mixing new with old. When you come into South Texas Tack, we try to make you feel at home like you could spend hours here. We try finding those one-of-a-kind pieces that you can easily add to your home for that wow factor, but let them adorn the store until they find their forever home. Needlepoint is trying to make a comeback, it’s definitely something I wouldn’t mind learning how to do. However, when you can find old, that someone took very good care of and have it repurposed, it makes me love it even more.




Our latest edition is our Totem needlepoint horse head pillows. The palomino horse needlepoint is from the 1940s with serape from the 1950s and features denim back. This particular one is 22.5”x12.5” in size and is just gorgeous!

Then there is the mare and foal, they are from the 1960s with serape from the 1950s. This pillow is 23.25”x14.25” and would be the perfect addition to your décor.

The two horses, we don’t have the specific date on this needlepoint, but it also features serape from the 1950s and is 24”x18”.

The paint horse, this is a paint horse lover’s dream! Is 18”x18” and would be that pop of color that you needed to add to your bed or couch. It also has a serape from the 1950s.

These awesome pillows can easily be mixed with the pillows you already have or the beautiful Southwestern pillows that we have in 24”x24” and 18”x18”. Just so you know… You can never, I repeat never, have too many pillows on your bed or on your couch. Just saying…




This piece is magnificent, once again the detail of the vintage needlepoint. When you are in the store you definitely need to stop and admire this bench. This one-of-a-kind needlepoint bench is absolutely the perfect addition to your home.






We couldn’t just stop there. We like you to be able to carry unique handbags that no one else will have the same one as you. These handbags once again feature vintage needlepoint and recycled tack, belts, and different leather pieces. The wearing on the leather is amazing and will continue to get more detailed as you carry it. That is my favorite thing about leather bags. Well one of them anyway!



Written by: Leticia Gaskamp

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