One of the Great Debates of 2020

Keep your kids at home or send them back to school.

I personally am not a parent, but have friends on both sides of this debate. Each have valid points. So, my opinion is do what you are comfortable with. With that being said, tax free weekend is still happening in Texas August 7-9, 2020. Make sure you are checking your mail and email for special offers from South Texas Tack. If you are not on our mailing list, make sure you sign up here.

This year’s school year will look way different for teachers as well as students. We want to wish all the parents that are going to start homeschooling, teachers that are going to be in the classroom (while also having to plan distance learning, I’m going to say it… teachers do not get paid near enough), and the kids that have to figure out the “new normal,” the best of luck.

By: Leticia

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