Motel or Hotel, Living Quarters is the Lifestyle

Summer of 2019 is already in full speed for the horse show haulers. The haulers have loaded up their horses and headed down the road. Years ago, haulers would have to unload their horses at a show and unload their bags and head to the hotel. Now days most all families have a living quarters trailer. The living quarter trailers have not only made life easy they have saved money in hotel and eating out. A living quarter trailer is a horse trailer that has any where from one to seven holes to load your horse. And in the front part of the trailer you will find a bed, sofa, full bathroom, kitchen, tv, and dinette. The latest in living quarter trailers is cable, internet, and washer and dryer. Many of these trailers are called home. See the latest images to experience living in your horse trailer.

By: Nancy

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