Mixin’ It Up

When Covid hit, the world was flipped upside down. We were on lockdown, weren’t able to see friends and family, businesses closed, people hoarded toilet paper… we were living in a very strange and scary time. The pandemic really changed a lot of people’s lives and made the struggle very real. A lot of industries had to close or slow down business and that left a lot of people laid off and worried about bills and how they would provide for themselves or a family. BUT not everything was bad, we got to have down time and relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Yeah, staying home was lame, but we could stream our favorite shows all day, we didn’t have to put on pants, and we had less human interaction.

With all the changes the restaurant industry really was suffering. They had to close their doors if their store couldn’t accommodate to-go orders. I know I was missing my favorite restaurant! Luckily, we still had take-out orders for a lot of chain restaurants, as well as to go alcohol. That was a game changer for everyone.

Alcohol to go was such a hit, it’s so convenient and a great deal. Diners no longer had to give up the option of their favorite mixed drink or beer with their meal, and now can enjoy it in the comfort of their home or wherever floats their boat. With the slowdown of Covid-19 and access to a vaccine, slowly but surely, places started to open back up after a few months in what seemed like solitary confinement. We now had the option to go into restaurants and enjoy a meal, but not everyone was quite ready to venture out. Luckily, to-go alcohol was still a thing.

Governor Abbott then signed House Bill 1024 and it changed the restaurant/bar industry in Texas forever. We can now buy our favorite drinks to-go and it’s here to stay. I know I was happy to hear that we have this option! The convenience is so unreal and you don’t have to sit in a crowded restaurant or bar and possibly have horrible service. So go support your local restaurant and order to-go, add that drink you’ve been thinking about. Don’t forget to tip your to-go specialist!


By: Sarah

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