What’s in your Showbox?

Although there are many items considered essential when going to shows, there are a few here that are must haves. Broken down by species, here are some items that we feel is our list of essential products for your show box or trailer when heading to shows!



The Sullivan’s Supply Carbon Fiber Whip is a great addition to your showbox being that is is lightweight with a firm flexibility rating and super durable.  Another favorite is the Sullivan’s Supply Show Glo that will bring out an enriched color to your pig.  Sullivan’s Supply Clear Choice is a great shampoo to use on all livestock as it is pH balanced and eliminates dandruff. Last but not least is the Sullivan’s Show Pig Brush, because you’ll always need a durable pocket brush for easy use on show day!



Sullivan’s Supply Cool Tech Blanket for sheep and goats has innovative cooling technology with a with breathable interlocking material. A must have product for the summer when blanketing your show sheep and goats. Sullivan’s Bright Lights Whitening Shampoo will get rid of any yellow tint and stains to get your livestock gleaming for show day. The Sullivan’s Supply Edge Slicker is great for de-tangling with minimum wool pullout on lambs, and is great for working the leg hair on goats and even cattle.



We like Sullivan’s Supply Carbon Fiber Show Stick because it is 5X stronger than still yet 25% lighter feel than aluminum. Sullivan’s Revive will bring life and body to dull hair while conditioning the skin and hair with nutrients and will promote hair growth. Again we go for Sullivan’s Supply Clear Choice for shampoo because it rinses out easily and aids in faster hair growth and thicker hair. A handy grooming tool we like for all livestock is the Sullivan’s Supply Foamer that makes for preparing animals easy. And of course a Stimulator Fluffer Comb from Sullivan’s Supply. These combs are to stimulate a healthy hide and promote hair growth but not designed for grooming their legs with any adhesive.

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