Juneteenth Celebration

The term Juneteenth dates back to the 1800s, on June 19th, 1865 to be exact, when the abolition of slavery was declared. It is known as the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration in America. Juneteenth is celebrated through trail rides, parades, arts and crafts, food, and family fun. Of all the festivities, trail rides are most common throughout Texas.

The Prairie View Trail Riders Association, affiliated with Prairie View A&M University, was the first African-American Trailride to progress into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade. They are recognized as the largest equine outreach program to inner-city kids in America. The PVTRA work diligently to proudly spread African-American history to these kids. This year, the PVTRA participated in the 63rd Annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo trail ride, just before the rodeo kicked off.

Juneteenth is also celebrated in the rodeo industry. The Real Cowboys Association is in charge of hosting the Annual Juneteenth Rodeo each year in Longview, Texas. The rodeo recognizes the history of Juneteenth and educates fans about the history of the black cowboy. But underneath all that history, the Juneteenth Rodeo is a uniquely good time. The rodeo kicks off by playing hip-hop, R&B, blues, and old school music to help the fans feel more at home. Scholarships are also provided to the rodeo contestants, making it entertaining and educational. This year, however, the 27th Annual Juneteenth Rodeo has sadly been cancelled due to coronavirus.


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