It’s Almost Rodeo Time!

One of the best things about the NFR are the outfits. Some you look at and think I would wear that, and others you are asking yourself does she own a mirror? That is the beauty of style, everyone has their own, and that is my favorite thing. It makes you look at someone and say, “I would have never put that outfit together, but that looks great!” Or even, “That looks a little over the top for me, but she is killing it!” Some women are harsher on one another than others, but at the end of the day, we have to lift each other up. Think about how good you feel when someone gives you a compliment on an outfit, 9 times out of 10 it is followed with, “And it has pockets!” But I think that is wonderful and makes everyone smile when it happens. So, this month we are featuring outfits that could be worn to the NFR or just about anywhere.

Blue Jean Baby

This Retro Wrangler Jumpsuit is adorable and clearly so, it sold out before I even got this blog written about it. Don’t worry though, we have some substitutions, that will still let you pull off this look. It’s not the long version, but this Rock and Roll Cowgirl Denim Romper is super cute! Since it is a one piece you can accessorize like crazy! We filled it up with Navajo Pearls and all things spiny oyster, with a few hints of turquoise, because hello? It’s turquoise. Shop the entire look here.


Cowgirl Up

Now everyone has their own version of what a cowgirl is supposed to look like and no one is wrong. These girls are ready to hop on a horse and do work. With the temperature in Texas you never know what to expect, so layers are always a plus. We also added some stud earrings, because sometimes if you have large earrings and are riding, they can start to pull down on your ears. Shop all of their looks here.


Aztec Winter

Packing for the NFR like… Awesome jewelry: Check! Fun Hat: Check! Super cute, well fitted jeans: Check! Bada** Boots: Check! All set to go for a great evening! This outfit can easily be dressed up or down. Check out all the pieces here.


Wild West

This outfit is one of my personal favorites. The pink corduroy jacket with a soft Sherpa lining just says comfy and cute. Can wear to work or for a night out. We put this over the vintage Wrangler denim snap shirt, which is a must have in every closet. Seriously, you need that shirt in your closet. Finish it off with your favorite jeans and wild rag. Seriously the options are endless what you can do with this outfit. You can shop Cassie’s entire outfit here.


Johnny’s Blue

Our favorite thing about this shirt, is that it is periwinkle. Depending on the lighting it takes of more blue or purple. The embroidery on it is beautiful especially when worn with the Rodeo King pastel blue tracker that brings out the lighter blue in the shirt. The boots, I just drooled a little, are gorgeous. They have the perfect heel height for a night out and just the right amount of stitching to keep it classy. Shop the entire look here.


Winter Cowgirl

Well if you are on our mailing list, you have definitely seen this outfit. If you are not, better get on it! Marijka looks absolutely stunning in this Tasha Polizzi Campfire Jacket. Paired with the Resistol Chocolate USTRC cowboy hat, and once again the Wrangler vintage snap shirt. Are you sensing a trend? You should. I am telling you, have to have it in your closet! This outfit can be worn in the barn or out for a night out.




On a side note… If you are ever in the area or in the store and need help putting together outfits, let us know. We offer personal shoppers and would love to help you put together outfits. You just give us a budget and we will make it happen!


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