Introducing the Johnny Was Blanket

Santa Claus stopped by South Texas Tack this December and with him he brought a brand-new blanket line. We’re so excited to add Johnny Was blankets to our collection, and if we’re being honest, to our living rooms. The Johnny Was blankets come in four different designs and are both stylish and functional.

These blankets are sherpa-lined and will keep you warm and cozy for months t

o come. Each blanket features vibrant floral patchwork designs with a variety of color schemes that will keep every home happy.

The “Soju Cozy Blanket” features muted tones over a beautiful floral design.

The “Holly Cozy Blanket” is perfect for lovers of the color blue. It has tranquil blue tones in both floral and patchwork designs.

The “Jungle Cozy Blanket” is dark and bold. This blanket features a beautiful butterfly pattern with striking cheetah print detailing.


The “Mayla Cozy Blanket” has bright reds blended together beautifully. This blanket has vintage tones and is reminiscent of a blanket at your grandmother’s house.

Once you see and feel these blankets, you’ll need one of your own! They’re perfect for cuddling on the couch, a big comfy chair, or as a statement piece at the foot of your bed. Check them out in store or online at!

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