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Home Sweet Western Home

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Houston born, interior designer Zoe Murphy Compton was raised in Mason Texas. With her family being a ranching family, she has been riding cutting horses all her life,

which is why her work always has western tone. Zoe returned to Texas from Aspen, Colorado where she had resided for 25 years, to Circle Bar Blue Ranch in Gonzales where she continues to carry out her work.

Zoe is also a member of ASID, American Society of Interior Designers, within which she has won her many awards. She was awarded the First Place Colorado ASID Interior Design Award to Architectural Digest’s Outstanding Interiors Award, the 2009 First Place Texas ASID Interior Design Award Renovation: Under 3500 sq feet as well as the 2009 Honorable Mention Texas ASID Interior Design Award: Under 3500 sq feet.

In addition to Interior Design, the distinguished Zoe Compton does a lot of Restoration work as well as Lighting, Ironworks, Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Space Planning and many other designs services.


Designed by: Zoe Murphy Compton Ltd

How long have you been in the industry?

Zoe: For about 35 years. Whereas I had the biggest part of my career was rearing up in here for the last 15 years.


What western theme are you into the most personally?

Zoe: My style is a very comfortable, sophisticated, western with a Texas and French overtones to it. I always have a little bit of western touch to all my work, whether it’s in Colorado or whether it’s here.

What was your favorite project and why?

Zoe: I’ve worked for a lot of Hollywood people but probably the most rewarding project I ever done, I did the restoration and interior design of the Hotel Jerome in Aspen Colorado. That’s probably the biggest feather in my cap really. But I’ve worked with some really wonderful people and had some gorgeous projects.


By: Brianna Hupe | Photography & Design Credits: Zoe Murphy Compton Ltd.

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