Help 2020 Youth Livestock Exhibitors

Unfortunately, anytime you turn on the news and this is pretty much the extent of what you see and hear. This pandemic has been devastating for many people, hospitals, businesses, and just your normal way of life. One group that we would like to focus on today are the children and teenagers that were unable to show and sell their livestock at some of the major shows, but also county shows. I originally wanted to write about the different auctions going on, but realized I was too late. So instead I am going to tell you about how you can still help these kids, even if it is just a small contribution.

Anyone who has ever shown an animal knows how much time, dedication, work, and commitment one is. These kids learn that if they want to do something great, they have to stick with it and see it through. They have quite a bit of money tied up in these animals, just in case you don’t know, here is a small run down of what they have invested. Buying the animal, feeding the animal (this is feed, hay, and supplements), vet bills (to keep them healthy), all of the grooming products, the time and gas to haul to these shows, just to name a few. A lot of these kids have to sell their animals in order to buy their next one or pay off the bills the accumulated with this one. The other big part is scholarships. They work their tails off with these animals to help pay for college. My heart breaks for these kids, especially the seniors. This was their last year and so many had plans that included winning for example Houston.

I reached out to a friend that is an ag teacher and told him what I wanted to do. He asked, “So your blog is to get people to help these kids out?” I said, “Yes sir.” He then suggested donating money to your local 4-H clubs and FFA Chapters to go towards senior scholarships, since they missed out on their senior year. He’s a genius! So below you will find the links that will get you in touch with who you need to talk to, in order to make it happen!


Click here to find your local FFA Chapters and see about donating!

Click here to find your local Texas AgriLife Extension County Office!


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