Felt Season is Here!

Labor Day weekend means it’s felt hat time!!!! We love, love, love hats here! I talked to the girls and these are the favorites to start fall with. P.S. I have way more hats than women that work here that I can ask, so we may have to have a part 2.


The Rodeo King Tracker is it for me. Comes in several colors and is the perfect addition to any outfit. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to dress “western” or not. – Ashley https://www.southtexastack.com/all-products/browse/keyword/rodeo-king-tracker


The Rodeo King 7X Denim is my favorite because I love blue and it will go with everything. – Taylor https://www.southtexastack.com/rodeo-king/rodeo-king-7x-felt-denim-cowboy-hat-46200


I like the Charlie 1 Horse Hippie Buck because I can easily dress it up or down. – Brianna  https://www.southtexastack.com/charlie-1-horse/charlie-1-horse-hippie-buck-felt-hat-40594


When I am in the arena, I like my South Texas Tack Pure Beaver. This hat fits amazingly and looks good too. – Nancy                                                                                                          https://www.southtexastack.com/south-texas-tack/stt-pure-beaver-natural-felt-hat-425in-brim-34799


My go to is the Charlie 1 Horse Highway, it comes in so many colors I have a different one for every outfit. Pssstt…. New colors are being released this fall! – Amy                          https://www.southtexastack.com/all-products/browse/keyword/charlie-1-highway


The South Texas Tack Horseman in black cherry wins for me! I love how this hat feels and looks when shaped up. The color is so rich you will want to wear this hat ev-e-ry where! – Leticia https://www.southtexastack.com/south-texas-tack/south-texas-tack-the-horseman-black-cherry-10x-cowboy-hat-46811



Written by: Leticia Gaskamp

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