Favorite Mixes with Mixologie

Mixologie is a rollerball fragrance designed to be layered and blended to create scents that suit any occasion or mood! The recipes are endless and completely up to you! It’s super easy to mix up your favorite fragrance – just “splash” on a scent and go from there!


We asked our STT Team Members what their favorite Mixologie recipe was and this is what they had to say!


On the Rocks

My favorite recipe would be “on the rocks” which contains 1 splash of TENDER, 2 splashes of ASSURED and 2 splashes of TENACIOUS. It’s a combination of crisp vanilla, natural, light and airy, and a hint of fruity. It’s the perfect mix for me! – Brianna


Shaken, Not Stired

My go-to Mixologie recipe would have to be “shaken, not stirred” which contains 3 splashes of SULTRY, 1 splash of FREE, and 2 splashes of RISQUE. It’s a combination of wild musk, exotic woods, and a refreshing ocean mist. I love these separately or mixed together! – Kenna


Old Fashioned

My favorite recipe is “old fashioned” which contains 3 splashes of TENDER, 2 splashes of SOULFUL, and 1 splash of ELECTRIC. I love all the smells of crisp vanilla, sheer amber, and citrus twist mixed together! – Leticia


Just a Spritz

I like “just a spritz” which contains 3 splashes of TEMPTED, 2 splashes of SOULFUL, and 1 splash of FREE. It’s my favorite combination by far with scents of coconut, sheer amber and a cool ocean mist. – Amy



My favorite Mixologie recipe would have to be “neat” which contains 2 splashes of POISED and 3 splashes of SULTRY. It’s a graceful blend of clean breeze and exotic woods which I think creates a fragrance like no other! – Danielle


Last Call

This mixologie recipe is my favorite! “last call” combines 3 splashes of SULTRY, 1 splash of ELECTRIC, and 2 splashes of CHARMED. A mixture of exotic woods, citrus twist and a shot of spice create my go-to scent! – Nancy

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