Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Y’all are about to get some excellent Father’s Day gift advise, from some self-proclaimed Daddy’s Girls. It does not matter how old you are, once a Daddy’s Girl always a Daddy’s Girl. Whether your father is a cowboy, avid outdoorsman, office executive, all of the above, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect gift!

Dad needs to look good. For the first part of June we are having some sales in the store that will help make dad look great. Some of these will only be available in store, so you will have to come see us. (Which means you can pick up something for yourself too!)

Shirts & Jeans

Guess what? Not sure what size your dad is… Call us. If him or your mom have bought a pair of jeans or a shirt from South Texas Tack, we can find out what size he is! How handy is that?!?!  We are having a buy two get one free on Ariat’s Mens Tek Polo shirts! This particular sale is in store only, but just one more reason to come see us! Your dad will love the way this shirt fits, feels, and breaths on these hot summer days that we have coming. Also, while supplies last on Saturday, June 15, 2019 if you come in the store and buy a men’s shirt, you get a free Jack Black goodie bag, full of fun stuff to try. Tell your dad or husband to come in that day, because as a thank you for being a great dad, we will be giving all dad’s a South Texas Tack or Let’s Rope cap of their choice.


Whether he is going out for a night on the town with mom, on horseback, or grilling in the backyard, he has to be on point. We have to make sure dad’s feet are turning heads. I know that sounds crazy, but come on, tell me you don’t look at what kind of shoes people are wearing? Now we all know he has at least one  pair of Twisted X driving mocs, but it’s time he get’s a new one, they are coming out with new styles all-the-time. You gotta change it up every now and then. We have to tell you about these Hey Dude shoes, put these on dad with a pair of jeans or shorts and he will do you proud. Your friends, they won’t see it coming, but will totally be impressed. I’m just gonna leave that right here for you to think about.

If you really want to say, “Dad I appreciate you,” we are having two trunk shows, where you could get him a pair of custom boots, that he designs, and would definitely move you up to favorite child status… June 8, 2019 Rod Patrick and June 15, 2019 Rios of Mercedes will be here.

Wallet/Money Clips

This is one of those things, that his can have holes in it and be falling apart and the man still will not replace it. Make sure you know what style he likes, some just like a money clip, keep a little bit of cash, a credit card or two, and a driver’s license and they are set. Then you have your bifold and trifold guy, where ev-er-y-thing has a place, and it has that little spot to hide the emergency cash. Then you have the checkbook holder, this guy, he means business.


This is something, we would guess nine out of ten men, do not buy for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your husband, the father of your children, or your actual father, this is one thing you have to get right. Luckily, you can’t go wrong, you know what you like him to smell like.


This is a deal you are going to have to listen to! June 1-16, 2019 all sunglasses $150 or more will be 30% off in store. You know he’s been eyeing a new pair to go fishing in or his fell of while he was riding and got scratched so now, he needs a new pair. You really can’t go wrong with sunglasses, and we speak from experience, when we say this is something a lot of dad’s won’t splurge on for themselves.


When you have stared at shirts, jeans, boots, shoes, wallets, cologne, sunglasses, and none of them are saying “dad”… Yeti is your failsafe. Every man would appreciate something Yeti. Whether it is a cooler, cup, or a bucket to just put stuff in, he will love it!

What was the best gift you ever gave your father or husband for father’s day?

By: Leticia Gaskamp

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