Fall Has Felt… Well almost

September 23rd is officially the first day of fall and we know the rule felt hats from Labor Day to Easter. Ladies we also know, especially down here in the southern states, that it is still hot out and you are not ready to wear that felt hat just yet. We want you to be prepared though and see all of our favorites here at Western Women.

Charlie 1 Horse Chief Red Felt Hat

My favorite felt hat is the Red One…..the Charlie Once Horse chief hat. It is fine as wine, and a showstopper for sure. The color is bold and beautiful and to me signifies strength and endurance, not to mention the I find the classic leather hat band to be a classic addition to a powerful hat. – Lorie

Charlie 1 Horse Buzzin Purple Felt Hat

My favorite hat is the Charlie 1 Horse Buzzin Purple Felt Hat. Why do I love this hat? Well, why wouldn’t you!!!! I love the color as it is bold and the Aztec multi-colored beaded headband is beautiful as it complements the hat amazingly. Also, I love sunflowers and it has a leather flower pedal on the side with an adorable concho in the middle. I feel that no matter what kind of day you are having, by putting this hat on….you can take on the world and look good doing it!!! – Christen

Charlie 1 Horse Buck Snort Stitch Stone Felt Hat

My favorite hat is the Charlie One Horse Buck Snort Stitch Stone Felt Hat.  It has just the right amount of flirt and style to make you look fun and flirty while still being stylish at the same time!  It’s right up my ally! – Stacey


Butch Dorer 100X Pure Black Western Cowboy Hat

My favorite is the Butch Dorer Pure Beaver Cowboy Hat. You can feel it on your head, really light and pretty. – Nancy


Charlie 1 Horse Chief Bone with Tooled Band 3.5in Brim Felt Hat

This Charlie 1 Horse hat is gorgeous and perfect for any fashionista! I love how the tooled Indian inspired leather hatband pops on the bone color felt. The silver conchos and thunderbird design adds a unique touch. It’s the perfect hat for fair/rodeo season or just a night out on the town! – Kenna

Charlie 1 Horse Highway Felt Hat in Yellow

Want to stick out in a crowd, then you will like this hat. I like it because it is fun, different, and builds character. I would rock this hat, and would be the talk of the night!!! – Amy


STT Pure Beaver Natural Felt Hat 4.5in Brim

My favorite is the South Texas Tack Pure Beaver Natural Felt Hat. This hat is gorgeous and comes open crown so you can put whatever shape you want on it. It just screams class and OMG it feels incredible on! – Leticia

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