Fashion Trends for the Fall

Color Trends

One of our favorite places to look to see what colors are going to be trending is Pantone. To say we are a little excited about the colors this fall is a huge understatement! Black of course is a solid staple in your closet. Honestly if you are ever looking at a black shirt, dress, jacket… etc on a rack and trying to decide to I really need another black piece of clothing? The answer is always YES! Of course, when it comes to that our favorite options are 1) Go completely tonal, layers more blacks, greys and silvers with it, or 2) Add that pop of color! Accessorize with your favorite colorful pieces, whether that be shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts, hats etc.

Looking in our closets here at Western Women, you can definitely tell we each have our own personalities and our wardrobe reflects that. From all the neutrals (Kenna), a lot of black (Brianna), to every color of the rainbow (Leticia). The color trends for fall/winter 2020 have us all covered.


Felt vs Straw Hats

Felt season has always used the Labor Day to Easter rule. As with white pants and shoes, rules are made to be broken! Besides anyone that lives in the southern states knows it is still hot as ever and who wants to wear a felt when it is still in the upper 90’s with 95+% humidity. The answer is no one. However, I still hear my mother in the back of my head, so I will not wear white pants or a straw hat after Labor Day. Even though she now wears “winter white” in the fall and winter. (Can you see the eye roll? Lol.) Like I said completely up to you and know that at South Texas Tack, you will be able to buy your favorite straws year-round.

We are however super excited about the new felts we have coming in; some have already been received and others are still on their way. Every color you can imagine pretty much! From fashion to traditional cowboy hats we will have them.



This fall and winter’s outerwear is amazing. Check here we are adding all of the new pretty much on a daily basis! From fancy  to practical, South Texas Tack has a little something for everyone. Just make sure you keep checking back for all of the new styles headed our way.


By: Leticia

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