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With the NFR coming to Texas in December we wanted to help you truly get the Texas experience. We were talking just this morning about how proud Texans are of our state and we couldn’t agree more. Normally the NFR is in Las Vegas, which believe me, it’s a girl’s trip every year and we have a blast, but this will definitely change things up.

Nevada is about 2.4 times smaller than Texas. So, believe me when I say there is a ton to do here. I am going to tell you about some cool places to stay near Arlington and some fun things to do in the area also.

Places to Stay

Depending on how long you are wanting to stay for and how many nights of the NFR you are planning to go to, will help determine where you stay at. If it’s just a night or two you may look at a hotel, but if you are planning two or more, Airbnb and VRBO are just two options to look at. Although, once the tickets for NFR went on sale these started filling up fast. Same goes for hotels. Seriously, just while writing this I was looking at some cool hotels, bed and breakfast etc. to stay at… They are already booked up.  You may have to travel a little east or west from Arlington to get a place to stay.

Personally… I say go west! Stay in the Fort Worth or as close to the Fort Worth Stockyards as possible. There are plenty of cabs and ubers to take you wherever you may want to go. There are a ton of restaurants in the area and lots to do during the day and at night. I say that, then remember COVID, we’ll see what happens by December.


Stuff to Do

It wouldn’t be the NFR without Cowboy Christmas and the Junior World Finals! Well guess what? They are making the move to Texas as well. So, at the Forth Worth Convention Center, Cowboy Christmas will be held with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Hunter and Outdoor Christmas Expo. The Junior World Finals will be held at Cowtown Coliseum.

NCHA World Championship Futurity is being held November 19 – December 13, 2020. This is an easy way for you to see more than just the rodeo. It’s another chance to see the athletic ability of these horses and the dedication of the riders and trainers. Sidenote… might be another chance to see the crew from Yellowstone (we all know how excited you get to see them). How convenient will it be to have both things in the same place for them alone.

The National Cowgirl Museum, with us being Western Women, of course this has to be a stop while you are in the area. You can read more about their history and mission statement here. The next stop I was going to suggest would be the Cattle Raisers Museum, as of right now it is still closed and they are trying to determine when to open back up. Keep checking back, something might change. There are a ton of other things to do in the Fort Worth Cultural District check here for a list of what is reopening!

I know people are thinking it and not many have said it out loud… but come on. What is more cowboy than Fort Worth, Texas? The city, that’s right I said city, is so rich in cowboy history, that it’s honestly crazy. Once again… we are a little partial to Texas. There is much more to do in the area, you probably won’t want or need to leave, but if you do…

You are only three and half hours from us! You have no reason not to come visit! If you take the I-35S (which is our preferred way to go). Do not speed in Rosebud and Lott. There’s your PSA for the trip. We would love to see you. You’ll have to eat at the Cattle Café in the courtyard, have some coffee or a cold beverage at the bar, and just see the store in person if you have never been here. Y’all are what keep us going and we would love for y’all to see what y’all helped us build. We hope that you love it just as much as we do. Hey, you can always stay one night in Fort Worth and stay here another night. It would be a cool road trip opportunity. Most of the time the weather is mild, occasionally Mother Nature throws a curve ball, but that can be fun too! I could write pages and pages of fun things to do while you’re in the state, but that would be way more than you would want to read. So, if you are reading this and going to be staying somewhere, put in the comments the town and say, “What’s fun to do here?” I am all over it and will give you a list of stuff you never even thought about, I promise! The catch is, you’ll have to send pics or didn’t happen!


By: Leticia

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