Equipale Chairs: The New Trend

The Equipale chair is a new trend in home furnishings. The round like barrel chair has hit the home décor market as if it where a new shinny car. The Equipale chair is hand crafted and designed out of pigskin and Mexican cedar strips. The Equipale comes in many different styles and colors. Some of the favorite styles are the oversized chairs, bar stools, and loveseats with coffee tables. And the white Equipale being the most sought after.

The round like barrel chair has had its roots in Mexico for many decades. Appearing in hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, and homes throughout Mexico. Interior decorators are trending towards them because of their comfortable appearance. They use them on porches and in living areas with big pillows and decorate cushions.

Today you can see a nice selection of Equipale in the South Texas Tack bar lounge area and in our Round Top store.


By: Nancy

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