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Julie Dodson is a known home interior designer, and has been in interior design her whole life. This has helped her pursue her dreams and become an entrepreneur for 18 years and she is still going strong. Julie, received a bachelor of design from Ole Miss University. She has been recognized by many home magazine brands, such as Traditional Home Magazine, Southern Home, Luxe Interiors, Texas Interiors, The Houston Chronicle and many others. She has compassion for her clients. She has set her apart from other designers by listening to her clients needs and how they live their lives. Dodson Interiors works on various interior designs, but they are most compassionate about the higher end residential, new construction, remodels, and one room designs. Julie says, “we don’t just decorate we give a home soul”!

With the love and compassion Julie has for interior design, she has taken that a little farther with animal rescue. Julie has created a 501c3 non-profit organization called Dogs and Design. Dogs and Design, puts on an event every year at The Compound in Round Top, TX on October 1st, called the Designer Dream Spree. This is a combination of 4 A-list Interior Designers from across the country that come together discuss design and antiques. With the funds that are raised throughout the event, benefits not only design, but dogs and animal shelters like Brenham and Gardenia E. Janssen.


How did your business first start?

Julie: I literally quit my job as a design assistant and immediately got on the phone reaching out to builders that needed selections made for the homes. The first house I did was in Bellaire and on a home tour and it was a huge hit. My phone started ringing from there and I have never looked back!


How long have you been in the industry?

Julie: All my life! My mom is also an interior designer so I was introduced to it at a very young age. After graduating I moved back to Houston and I worked for a high-end design firm and then went on to work with a builder to gain building and construction knowledge. At 26 I decided I was ready to grow professionally and formed Dodson and Daughter with my mom. Each of us maintaining our own individual clients. About 8 years ago, I decided it was time to leave the nest and re-brand to my personal design firm, and Dodson Interiors was formed.


What theme are you into the most personally?

Julie: I love the French and European influence with a touch of modern.


What was your favorite project and why?

Julie: I honestly love all my projects but I would have to say the ones that give me more creative freedom are the ones I love the most.


By: Amy | Photography & Design Credits: Dodson Interiors

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