Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Country Living is what a lot of people dream of getting to do, but just like anything is has its moments! You have essentially made your home in a place where a number of pests call it their home as well. I know that I often forget every time I am at the store to pick up whatever special spray it is and often need another solution up my sleeve. Here are a few “tricks” I have tried over the years that have been successful in certain situations:


Cayenne Pepper

A simple remedy for deer and squirrels eating your plant(s) is pepper! Yes, you read that right, pepper, but more specifically cayenne pepper! Try sprinkling it on and around the plant(s) that are being eaten and after getting a taste it is not likely for the deer and/or squirrels to return. Just know that watering the area and the rain will wash away the cayenne so you will have to repeat the process again.



I have never gone to the trouble of going by the hair dresser to ask them for some of the ‘hair scraps’ they have but I have known many people who have! Instead, I’ve always used the fact that it acts as a deterrent to justify why I brush my dog outside and then just throw it around on the ground. The smell of a dog is often enough to keep a deer, squirrel, raccoon, or opossum out of an area.


Irish Spring Soap

I tried this around my garden one year and it seemed to keep the deer from completely destroying everything. I took a bar of Irish Spring Soap and cut slivers of the soap off and scattered it around the plants on the ground. I have also heard of people cutting it up and placing it in little mesh-type bags and hanging it around the area.



You now have the perfect excuse to tell yourself/your significant other why you MUST have a dog. I can honestly say I might have more fun with this one than my dog does. My dog knows the word deer as well as she knows the word treat. I definitely never had the intention of training her to run off deer but after several weeks of them destroying the rose bushes, I had to try something. Sometimes the deer smell her before they see her or are scared away by her bark, but either way having a dog has been super beneficial. Not just for the deer deterrent but that includes squirrels, raccoons, opossums and skunks (though this one never ends well for my dog). I would say all around country living is the best with a dog at your side!


When it comes to the pests of living in the country it is not the question of “if” you will encounter something but rather “when” you will encounter something. Just remember that any issue of a pest pales in comparison to the wonderful fact that you are living what many people wish they could!


By: Taylor

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