Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Ok mom, we took care of you on Mother’s Day, now it’s dad’s turn. South Texas Tack is full of perfect gifts for dad. Below are a couple of items that the girls picked.



Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Medium Wash Double Barrel Jeans for my hubby! – Amy





Wrangler George Strait Emerald Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt for my dad. – Kenna





Hey Dude Wally Chambray Blue Men’s Shoes for my dad! – Brianna




Rios of Mercedes Natural Bison Navy Burnished Calf Men’s Boots for my husband. – Nancy 




I am putting together a goodie basket with all of my favorite Jack Black things to give my man for Father’s Day. – Christen




Yeti Hopper Flip 18 for my daddy, he doesn’t have a soft side cooler yet. – Leticia




Clearly, we cannot pick all of the items, it is really hard to narrow it down sometimes. I wanted to make sure we had all of the perfect gifts covered. Remember you can always mix and match. Give us a call and tell us your budget and sizes, then we will put together some pretty awesome gifts for you.

Belts, go look at dad’s belt and see if he needs a new one. Sunglasses, you cannot go wrong with sunglasses, unless it is my father. I asked, “If I get you a nice pair, will you take care of them?” His response, “No.” Needless to say, he does not have a nice pair of sunglasses. We all know you want your dad or husband to smell good, so cologne is also a safe bet. This may also be the one time a year you can break down and get him to carry a new wallet. For the man that likes candles and room spray, there are more out there that will admit it, Manready Mercantile is a line that has a ton of man specific products.

If you have the cowboy in your family, you cannot go wrong with tack. I have to tell you about these 5/8” Extra Heavy Harness Leather Split Reins, once he puts these in his hands, you will hands down become the favorite child. Just sayin… you have been warned. Pair the reins with the STT Premium Leather Oval Buckle Slip Ear Headstall and you are golden! The easiest thing to do when it comes to tack, honestly, just go to the tack room or horse trailer. Find the thing that is on its last leg, you know the, “It will make it one more time,” item. Replace it, buy him a new one. After everything he has done for you, he has earned it.  Stop by the store, we have even more in here and would love to help you put together great gifts for dad.

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