Custom Boots Let Your Imagination Run Wild

South Texas Tack offers custom boot orders in multiply brands. Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, Olathe, Rod Patrick and Lucchese Classics. We just had a Rios of Mercedes and Rod Patrick trunk show in June, which were both huge successes and a bunch of awesome custom orders were created. Stay tuned to see the finished products…..

Custom boots are a way for our customer’s to use their imagination and design a cowboy boot just the way they like it, the sky is the limit. You can pick your hide for the tops and bottoms, stitch  patterns on tops, even personalize or brand your tops with your initial, logo or brand. When you customizes a cowboy boot it will be your way! If you design a custom boot you know you are getting what you want and not just settling for something off the shelf that is just okay.


By: Amy

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