Cowgirls of Color

When you think of cowgirl or cowboy you think of a Caucasian on a horse in the middle of the desert. At least that’s what the old western movies depicted. Yet that’s not how it’s always been. The Cowgirls of Color were formed in 2016 to change the old school perspective. They are an all women of color rodeo group from Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia that have become popular among the rodeo circuit. They are an inspirational group of ladies from all different walks of life.

Sandra “Pinky” has been riding horses for a lot of her life and is deemed as the “horse whisperer” in her hometown. Pennie was brand new to the rodeo scene but her natural competitiveness has taken her a long way. Kisha “KB” didn’t start riding until her late 30’s in honor of her mother and it has become one of her passions in life. Brittaney “Brit Brat” is also a part of the original group and have been there since the beginning. Their latest addition is Leslie “Camo” and has been riding with the girls for a couple of years now.

The ladies compete/tour in rodeos around the United States with the Bill Picket Invitational. They have been featured on The Today Show, The Washington Post, as well as Wranglers Instagram and Ford made a short documentary about their mission. As women of color, they are breaking barriers that are held for women alone and as a minority. Cowgirls of Color are an inspiration to all, young and old, to get involved in what they love best: Rodeo.


By: Danielle

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  1. The Cowgirls of Color are an inspiring group, breaking barriers and showcasing incredible talent in the rodeo arena. new york yankees
    Their dedication and skill not only celebrate diversity but also empower future generations of cowgirls to pursue their dreams with confidence.

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