Classic Cowboy Hats Pay Tribute to Western Life through New Styles

The key to topping off a Western outfit with a stylish-but-functional hat is finding a hat that fits your personality, has a great story and can hold up to the demands of your busy outdoor life.

Take the handmade Nine70 line of hats from Greeley Hat Works – every hat tells a story and captures a particular river or tributary in the 970 area code of Colorado.

The High Desert hat takes a classic buckskin-colored felt and adds something unique with its band designed by Greeley, Colorado, artist Armando Silva.

“The hat has a hand-engraved scene replicating the events from sun up to sun down out here in the high desert where Greeley, the heart of Nine70, is located,” said Megan Holdren of Greeley Hat Works.



The Cache hat, with its darker tones, is a favorite of Holdren.

“Cache is a representation of any good gear utilized in the back country. As an outdoors man, good gear is a prized possession. We would rather patch and tie it together than buy a new one,” Holdren explained. “The green is for the abundance the Cache la Poudre River has to offer, the leather and the feather represent fly fishing, and the distressed denim is actually from Kimes ranch jeans, a staple in ranching.”


If turquoise touches speak to your desert heart, the Old Pawn from Double D Ranch has subtle turquoise touches on silver jewelry adorning the crown, giving a special nod to the silver and turquoise used by Navajo tribes as a form of wealth and a symbol of good health.

For an updated bowler shape, try the Buffalo Joe, also from Double D. It’s raw-edged band in indigo tones and studded with buffalo nickels brings a vintage feel to this lightly distressed hat.


“There is no need for a specific outfit to go with these hats,” Holdren said. “The fit in perfectly with your everyday t-shirt and jeans, but they also have just enough detail to add to the lavish outfit as well.”

So, whether you’re on a working ranch or a working mom, find a hat that sparks joy and wear it with EVERYTHING!



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By: Megan Brincks

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